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RUGS NETWORK INC.  a subsidiary company specialized in the hand made Persian and Oriental rugs, offers you the largest selection in Canada, browse through thousands of authentic hand knotted Persian, Turkish, Afghan and even Russian Caucasian rugs in all sizes and colors to please every decor, taste and budget.

ITS SAID: A ROOM WITHOUT A RUG IS LIKE A KISS WITHOUT A HUG, the complexity and art involved in knotting a carpet is unfortunately getting to be very expensive, and to most not affordable, a good quality 9' x 12' carpet of 450 knots count psi, takes a good 6 years to complete, in this day and age it is no longer affordable due to the high labor cost overseas and the increased cost of the wool.

All our hand knotted rugs are made with a 100% wool pile or wool and silk, or 100% silk rug, with patterns and colors to represent the culture or tribe or the province they are knotted in., our selection of collectible quality Persian rug is fabulous, whether you are looking for the rare Isfahan or the Qum silk or a  palace Rug like Kerman, Tabriz or Kashan you will find all the selection right here in our showroom.

The Persian Rug history goes back over 3000 years, when the Persian nomads were in the tents weaving to cover the sand underneath, and since it developed to be one of the most noted and complex art of our time, it is an art that is not surviving our time, but you still have the chance to own a real timeless piece that will augment in value as we live on, and you can buy it from us at a real low and under price.





We at World of Art, take a pride in presenting to you as a collector a wonderful selection of out of circulation figurines dated as early as 1920. Finest limited editions by Nadal, Royal Doulton, Meisen, Royal Dux, Royal Vienna, Hummel and many more at prices reduced drastically by 50% to 70%, plus pay no money down and no interest for a full year.


Representing both Original and decorative

Browse through thousands of high quality 18th. Century original Art as well as beautifully framed decorative copies of original oil paintings done by excellent artists through out the world, and save 50% to 70% off, plus pay no money down and no interest for a full year.



Since the beginning of times, people have related to sculptures and statues, every one somehow tried to create some type of a sculpture be it from wood, wax, clay or metal and finally in a Bronze cast that is known to endure without deterioration the years to come.

Great artists have achieved incredible work of Art with their Sculpturing, a Bronze sculpture is detailed in a lost wax mold to create the finest  possible details, due to its composition of Brass and mercury, Bronze will survive outdoors as well as indoors maintaining its glamour and good looks.

Now, you can enjoy a beautiful and very decorative work of Art made of timeless bronze, at a great discounted price, and with no money down and no interest for a full year.